2019 Peace Direct/UNOY Youth and Peacebuilding Consultation: Call for applications

Deadline: March 31, 2019.

Young people living in fragile and conflict-affected countries have long engaged in efforts to prevent violence and promote peace in their communities. Growing evidence has confirmed the important and positive contribution young people can make to resolve conflict and build peace. In addition, the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security in December 2015, acknowledges the power of youth-led peacebuilding as essential to building peaceful communities.

However, many questions remain about how to harness the power of youth in peacebuilding processes, ensuring their meaningful participation and establishing avenues for young people to proactively engage in peacebuilding efforts. Moreover, prevailing negative narratives continue to undermine the role that young people play in preventing violence and building peace in their communities – shaping policy, programming and funding in many countries.

Youth and Peacebuilding, scheduled for 8 – 10 April, will be a global conversation between practitioners and academics to explore some of the questions surrounding youth-led peacebuilding, such as:

  • What does youth-led peacebuilding actually look like?
  • How do we understand the relationship between youth and peacebuilding in different contexts?
  • What are the key enabling factors for successful youth-led peacebuilding?
  • What does it mean in practice to integrate youth participation across all peacebuilding areas?

Together, we will map the experiences of youth peacebuilders around the world and look for ways of operationalising the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) agenda.




1. During this period, participants will be expected to log in and join the discussion at least once on each day, or more often if you choose to do so. You will be expected to read the introductory reflection pieces, questions, as well as the comments of other participants, and then contribute by posting comments, responses, ideas, and examples.

2. Open to young peace builders around the world.



This is a unique opportunity for you to participate in a collaborative piece of research and project development. You will:

  • Be given the opportunity to contribute to discussions on youth-led peacebuilding.
  • Share experiences and youth-led peacebuilding strategies and learn about successful strategies from other experts and practitioners in the peacebuilding sector.
  • Receive a report at the end of the consultation which you can use in your own research and development work. The report will include a list of participants and affiliated organisations of those who have provided consent.




Youth and Peacebuilding Consultation

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