2019 Open Society Fellowship

Deadline: February 4, 2019.

Applicants for the Open Society Fellowship are invited to address the following proposition:

New and radical forms of ownership, governance, entrepreneurship, and financialization are needed to fight pervasive economic inequality.

This proposition is intended as a provocation—to stimulate productive controversy and debate—and does not necessarily represent the views of the Open Society Foundations. Applicants are invited to dispute, substantiate, or otherwise engage with the proposition in their submissions. Though the proposition deals with economic issues, those without an economics or business background are welcome to apply, provided they have a relevant project in mind.

Once chosen, fellows will work on projects of their own design and passion. At the same time, they are expected to take advantage of the intellectual and logistical resources of the Open Society Foundations and contribute meaningfully to the Foundations’ thinking. Fellows will also have opportunities to collaborate with one another as a cohort. It is hoped that the fellowship will not only nurture theoretical debate but also bring about policy change and reform.



A. Ideal fellows are specialists who can see beyond the parochialisms of their field and possess the tenacity to complete a project of exceptional merit.

B. Proposals will be accepted from anywhere in the world, although demonstrable proficiency in spoken and written English is required.

C. Applicants should possess and demonstrate a deep understanding of the major themes embedded within the proposition above and be willing to work in a cohort of fellows with diverse occupational, geographic, and ideological profiles.

D. Successful applicants should be eager to exploit the many resources offered by the Open Society Foundations and be prepared to engage constructively with our global network.



A. Applicants are asked to submit a letter of inquiry online through our grants portal by February 4, 2019. Any questions may be directed to osfellows@opensocietyfoundations.org. Complete guidelines are available in the Download Files section on this page.

B. Applicants will receive a response within six weeks of submission. Inquiries showing promise will be invited to submit a full proposal. We strongly discourage re-submitting unsuccessful letters of inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff capacity to provide specific feedback on all inquiries.





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