2019 Iranwo Foundation Volunteering Program for Nigerians

Deadline: July 15, 2019.

Iranwo Foundation provides timely, sustainable and scalable solutions to economic problems using women and girls as conduit for growth and development .

Iranwo Foundation’s mission is to break the vicious cycle of poverty among families in urban slums through the provision of education and skills for women and children. To achieve this, Iranwo Foundation through its volunteer scheme brings together people from diverse backgrounds and age groups to examine best practices and develop indigenous solutions.



1. Open to Lagos resident preferable.

2. Passionate about helping women and girls break free from the vicious cycle of poverty

3. Interested in helping poor women build sustainable business

4. Believe in access to education for all.



1. By joining them, you would become part of a network of volunteers improving living conditions of women living in slums and helping thousands of children gain access to basic education.

2. There is something for you to do, all you need is a decision to make a difference.

3. It will also help you become the change maker you always wanted to be and also equip you with people management, critical thinking and other life skills needed for your personal and professional growth.




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