2019 Injini Cohort 3 programme for Start-ups across Africa

Deadline: March 17, 2019.

The Injini Cohort 3 programme will launch in May 2019. For this, 8 start-ups from across Africa will join the programme for 4 months during which we will deliver workshops, mentoring and networking as well as technology, research and dedicated support from the Injini team. For the first time ever, the Injini programme will be opened up to non-profits.



1. They are looking at both non-profits & for profit businesses, focused on Africa and on as broad a section of the population as possible (especially low income), that address learning from early years to adults using technology.

2. They want innovative but effective approaches that can scale quickly.

3. They want tech used because evidence shows it can improve the quality of or extend access to education, not for the sake of using tech.

4. The startups in our porfolio are from 7 different Africa countries, and they actively encourage applications from any African country.



1. Everyone in the program will be covered for flights to and from Cape Town, for accommodation here, and receive a small allowance for extra living costs incurred while in Cape Town.

2. As part of this revised programme, each start-up will be eligible for a ZAR 100k grant (ca. $7.5k), after which the cohort will compete for follow-on equity investment of up to $75k per startup.




Injini Cohort 3 programme

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