2019 GREAT-UCL India Scholarship Programme

Deadline: April 24, 2019.

GREAT-UCL India Scholarship Programme is a joint programme part funded through GREAT funds and through contributions made by UK Universities. GREAT is a part of the UK Government’s campaign to show to the world the best of the UK.

As part of the GREAT-UCL India Scholarship Programme 2019/20, UCL will be putting forward three nominees for jointly funded scholarships that will cover tuition fees in full. There will be one nomination for each of the three relevant areas of study, with only the Master’s programmes listed below being eligible. The duration of each programme is 1 year unless specified otherwise. The nominees will have from mid-May until Friday 31st May to submit their scholarship application. From the nominees across 33 British universities, the British council will select the 35 GREAT scholars for 2019/20.



Candidates must:

  • Be in receipt of an offer of admission for a full-time Master’s undertaking one of the programmes at UCL listed above.
  • Be domiciled in India.
  • Have completed all of their previous studies in India.



  • The value of each award is tuition fees paid in full.
  • The award is tenable for one year only.
  • An award cannot be deferred to a later year.



The scholarship nominations will be based on the programme application. There is no separate application required for the nomination round of the scholarship. If you are a nominated UCL candidate, you will be required to submit a scholarship application. We cannot guarantee consideration for any candidate not in receipt of an offer of admission from UCL by Wednesday 24th April.




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