2019 Gavi CSO Constituency Steering Committee Member Application

Deadline: February 18, 2019.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) play a crucial role in immunization, and maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH). More than 4000 CSOs – including non-governmental organizations, advocacy organizations, professional and community associations, faith-based organizations and academia from around the world – come together to form the Gavi CSO Constituency. Together we help advance Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance vision of a world where all children are reached with life-saving vaccines.

The Gavi CSO Constituency has an 18-member Steering Committee (SC). The structure and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are outlined in the Constituency’s Charter.

Membership on the Gavi CSO Steering Committee is organisational. SC member organisations are selected based on the priority they give to vaccination and child health issues, available time, technical expertise, and representation of the broad and diverse civil society spectrum. Specific attention is paid to country of origin and to achieving a balance between advocacy and service-delivery organisations.



1.  Speak on behalf of and represent the CSO constituency during board and committee meetings
2. Review and analyse Gavi board and committee papers with support of the special advisor and prepare CSOs position
3. Facilitate and consult SC members and constituency members to build constituency positions on Board papers and compile an overall consensus based CSOs position for onward sharing in board meetings
4. Network and lobby to secure support in board meeting to get maximum support for the acknowledgement of SC position in the decision making process
5. Maintain cordial relations with the board members, maintain credibility as the CSO
6. Report back to SC members about the board deliberations, successes and challenges.



1. Public Health expert, Medical expert, global development or global health specialist
2. 10-15 years of experience of working at an international level on global health and
preferably in childhood immunization
3. 10-15 years of experience of working in developing countries in health policies and
preferably on childhood immunization



Nominations must be:

1. in English
2.  in Word format (pdf files will not be accepted)
3.  in one document (multiple attachments will not be accepted)

And should include:

1. Organisational information (headquarters, branch offices, key areas of work related to immunisation and health system strengthening, contact person submitting the
organisational nomination)
2. Brief CV or biography of the individual who would represent the organisation
3. A personal statement from the nominee covering reason for interest, skills offered to the Steering Committee, previous involvement in immunisation and organisational
resources to be leveraged
4. Statement from organisation that they are prepared to support the representative for Gavi CSO constituency work at a minimum of 10% time
5. Organisations should submit complete applications in English electronically to




Civil society organizations

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