2019 Fearless Futures US-based Facilitators Recruitment

Deadline: June 23, 2019.

Fearless Futures uniquely works within organisations, from global corporations to public sector service deliverers, to engage people in critical thinking to understand and challenge the root causes of inequities and to grow powerful new leadership, and design, for transformative change. And we’re looking for 15-20 individuals who are experienced, engaging and highly-effective anti-oppression facilitator contractors to deliver our innovative and impactful equities and inclusion programmes in organisations.




1. Our organisational facilitators are responsible for engaging, impactful and professional delivering of highly discursive, emotionally challenging and experiential organisational training.

2. This delivery could be a one-off 2 hour workshop or 3.5 consecutive days of training, and is drawn from unique and bespoke Fearless Futures content.

3. Organisational facilitators are also responsible for certain administrative, preparatory and logistical tasks relating to the successful running of an organisational workshop/programme. This will include the management of any resources required, for example.



  • Strong reliability
  • Experience of successfully delivering engaging, expert learning to adults in a deeply educative way
  • The ability to create safe and courageous learning spaces
  • Ability to navigate the complex emotions of a group of learners – laughter, tears, anger, defensiveness etc (and to hold your own emotions to make space for others in this process)
  • Understanding of power, privilege and systems of oppression – conceptually and as lived realities
  • Engagement with challenging the status quo on gender, class, race, sexuality, disability, faith and other anti-oppression issues
  • Flexibility in facilitation and the ability to change direction when the situation requires it
  • Courage to face problems and conflicts between participants head on, to create a meaningful resolution
  • Open to feedback and developing your capacities and skills
  • Creativity in the face of challenges and unexpected logistical issues
  • Organised and prepared, with good time-awareness
  • Able to complete administrative and logistical tasks swiftly and to a high standard
  • A can-do, positive attitude to making our organisational work transformative and fun



Highly competitive day rates, with additional payment for preparation, travel and training where relevant.




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