2019 ECS Group NexGenLeaders Challenge

Deadline: March 3, 2019.

Think you can revolutionize the air cargo industry?

Whether you’re a student, a startup or an ECS Group employee, take part in this challenge to be in with a chance of winning a range of prizes.

ECS Group will provide €100k of funding for the winning startup’s project and €50k of funding for the winning employee’s project. The winning students will win the trip of a lifetime.Seize this opportunity to transform the industry and to innovate by taking part in this challenge.

Through this challenge, ECS Group – the leading GSSA player – wants to help regenerate the industry by giving startups, students and its own employees all over the world the chance to showcase their talent and put it to use to benefit an unbelievably dynamic industry!

Innovation is at the heart of this challenge, and ECS Group is looking for the tools, services and communication resources of the future that will allow it to offer the air freight industry the solutions that best meet its needs.



1. Digital technologies: The vocabulary of the air cargo industry is changing, and big data, artificial intelligence and digital technology are now central concepts.

A huge number of aspects of the industry could benefit from the roll-out of digital technology: improving information exchange processes, developing voice-based freight booking tools, smart hold maintenance and load calculation tools, applications to optimize safety, and more – in short, any solution linked to air cargo that involves digital technology.

2. Added-value services: It’s often the additional services a company can offer that set it apart from the competition. There’s nothing better than offering your customers a unique, exclusive service. What new service could ECS Group develop? How can the company reinvent itself?

Submit your innovative ideas to rethink the world of air freight – time savings, improved efficiency, lower risks, and more. It doesn’t matter what your service is – it just needs to be innovative! It’s up to you to invent it.

3. People:People – and, above all, our employees – are at the heart of everything ECS Group does. And as a result, it views taking innovative approaches to co-working, communicating and ensuring that everyone feels fulfilled in their work as essential.

On a daily basis, ECS Group aims to improve its business culture, develop its communication plan, optimize its processing times and make operations safer. Submit your people-focused projects.

4. Sustainability: Imagine how you could create sustainable development solutions that are relevant to the air freight industry. The environment is at the heart of ECS Group’s concerns, and it strives to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint and bring the industry into the age of sustainable development.

Put forward your eco-friendly solutions – think recycled materials, renewable energy, reduced noise pollution, etc.



Whether you’re a developer, an expert in digitalization, a process pro, an IT genius, a big data fanatic, an exceptional communicator, a creator of tools, an inventor of services, or a fervent defender of the environment – essentially, whoever you are – we want to hear your idea to revolutionize the air freight industry and ECS Group.




1. STUDENT: The winning student team will win a trip worth up to €5000 per team to jet off to their dream destination.

2. STARTUP: The winning startup will have the chance to receive up to €100,000 of funding for their project as well as mentoring from ECS Group experts.

3. EMPLOYEE PRIZE: The winning employee will have the chance to receive up to €50,000 of funding for their project.

4. FINALIST: The 10 finalists will be invited to Air Cargo Europe, the biggest industry event in the world of cargo, in Munich on 5 June 2019. Projects will be presented in a dedicated brochure handed out at the event, offering finalists unrivalled visibility – the trade show is attended by as many employers/business angels/customers as businesses.




NexGenLeaders Challenge

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