2019 Digital Explorers for Young Nigerian Digital Talents

Deadline: April 1, 2019.

Digital Explorers is a career advancement programme for Nigerian digital talents.

It consists of a paid 1 year work placement and emerging technologies training in Lithuania – a vibrant and ever-growing European ICT hub – and reintegration support in Nigeria upon return.

The programme connects Nigerian Digital Talents (developers, digital creatives, and biz devs) and one of Europe’s most impressive up-and-coming ICT ecosystems for unexpected partnerships and mutual growth.

Digital Explorers from Nigeria can choose the type of training they receive, the company they will work in, and really experience the local ICT culture from the inside. All with a supportive and encouraging team of Nigerian and Lithuanian experts by their side.

Although Lithuania and Nigeria are different in terms of size and culture, both countries speak the same language – ICT.

In recent years, Lithuania is going through a real ICT boom with multinationals and Lithuanian companies launching new products, tech hubs and fintech and blockchain transforming businesses and everyday lives of Lithuanians, from transport to banking, from ecommerce to egovernment.


1. You should apply to become Digital Explorer if:

1. Your flight tickets Nigeria-Lithuania-Nigeria will be covered by the programme.
2. you will be paid a salary by the company where you will be employed. Your salary will be in line with prevailing standards for your employment level in ICT sector in Lithuania.
3. You will be provided with a 2-month accommodation once you arrive in Lithuania (with costs covered). After the 2-month period, you will be responsible for the accommodation which your salary will be able to cover, however, the programme team will assist you in finding a place to live.
4. You will be entitled to benefits accruing to a full-time staff with the company where you will be working in line with the tenets of your visa.
5. At the end of the journey, Digital Explorers will participate in reintegration activities in Nigeria organized by Ventures Platform. The reintegration programme will be designed based on the needs and interests of participants. It will include activities that will help explorers:

– Start their own company or startup.
– Gain employment in companies in Nigeria.
– Start freelance/remote work for Lithuanian and/or international companies.
An alumni network will also be established to further facilitate knowledge transfer and network building between the two countries.
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