2019 Deloitte Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG4

Deadline: January 5, 2019.

Education is the cornerstone of sustainable development yet there are currently 1.8 billion young people (aged 10-24) worldwide and over half of this population will not have the skills necessary to participate in the emerging global workforce. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) clearly recognize that this gap must be closed, as the international community more explicitly addresses the challenges of quality and equity in education.

Today we plan for a future that we can only begin to imagine and predict. It is a future where reality and fiction blend – the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – where exponential growth and the spread of technology and globalization will likely lead to a reimagining of our daily personal and work lives. Yet the outcomes of these advancements are anticipated to trickle through the global economy on an uneven path, leaving cracks in their wake and opening the possibility of creating canyons between those who are prepared and those who are not.

The shifting nature of work means rethinking the skills and opportunities needed for success. There is misalignment between youths’ aspirations, industries’ skills needs, and the models built to address the gap of education and skills training. Deloitte and the Global Business Coalition are committed to addressing this disconnect.

At Deloitte, we are committed to preparing 50 million people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy by 2030. We are applying our core skills, experience, and global reach to provide access to education, skills, and opportunity.

The Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) brings the business community together to accelerate progress in delivering quality education for all of the world’s children and youth. In 2017, during the United Nations General Assembly GBC-Education launched the Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative. Through the Initiative, the Coalition hopes to tackle to challenges of the 4IR and ensure that young people everywhere are equipped with the tools to operate in a future workforce. Deloitte is a key partner in this effort.



1. Aligned: Evidently aligned with the SDG4 challenge. See ‘Challenge outline’.

2. Youth-led: Founded by a person aged 18 – 30.

3. Focussed: Well-structured time horizon, identified key stakeholders and beneficiaries, and proposed outcomes that are reasonable and well thought out.

4. Proven: Readily available, in or past implementation phase.

5. Impactful: Solutions must have a positive social impact, for example generating employment, eradicating poverty, or developing skills.

6. Measurable: Impacts of solutions must have been adequately measured and/or be measurable.

7. Financially Viable: Must be able to achieve efficiency and to survive on their own through the resources they generate and/or the investments and donations they attract.

8. Scalable: Potential to perform as well or better after expanding in scope or size and/or being transported to other regions.

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Deloitte is proud to support the Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG 4. In line with our ambition to prepare 50 million futures for a world of opportunity by 2030, the challenge seeks to support scalable youth-led solutions that:

  • Utilize innovative approaches and technology
  • Address root causes of the issue
  • Demonstrate ability to drive impact and potential to scale
  • Recognize existing efforts and collaborate with others to accelerate impact
  • Facilitate opportunities for collective impact, by engaging a wide-range of stakeholders
  • Improve the quality of, or access to, education and skills training that prepares young people to succeed in 2030.

Note: projects need to be based where Deloitte has presence.

The solutions should drive impact in at least one of the following areas:

  • Create skills development or lifelong learning opportunities for young people to prepare for the future workforce, including in areas where there are talent shortages.
  • Accelerate entrepreneurship or new types of employment that provide opportunities for young people to bypass traditional barriers to entry into employment and develop a new generation of job creators.Improve access to education and skills opportunities for those that may be left behind by the rapidly changing global economy. For example, to women and girls, disadvantaged youth.


The winning solution will receive

  • A $50,000 grant from Deloitte
  • 12 months of mentorship from a team of Deloitte employees and partners. The mentorship team will work to accelerate your solution by assisting with aspects such as:
    • Business strategy
    • Best practices for data collection
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Product design
    • Marketing


Deloitte Lead 2030 Challenge

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