2019 Coaching Fellowship Cohort 2 for Women in the Social Impact Sector

Deadline: August 30, 2019.

Twice per year, The Coaching Fellowship selects between approximately 100 young high potential women leaders each time in the social impact sector to become our fellows. Fellows receive executive level coaching at a massively reduced rate so they may focus deeply on personal and leadership development, attaining their goals, and changing the world in the process. In addition, fellows join our network of 600+ women impact leaders around the world.



The Coaching Fellowship is open to any young woman leader and women-identifying individuals based anywhere in the world, who is today transforming our world for the better.

They are looking for a candidate who is:

  • A high potential young women leader
  • Strongly committed to changing the planet and can demonstrate existing change
  • Doing something extraordinary
  • Dedicated to her own self-discovery and development
  • Willing to speak freely about both her difficulties and triumphs
  • Realistic about her goals for coaching (feasible for completion within a six month time period)
  • Clear on what she can expect from coaching (see: “What is a coach?” for further clarification)
  • Open to being challenged by a coach to explore outside of her comfort zone
  • Willing to give her coach feedback on their coaching conversation and relationship
  • A strong commitment to the value of fellowship and community



Fellows receive a total of 11 hours of intensive 1:1 leadership coaching sessions over a period of 6 months via phone/Skype/WhatsApp with one of our highly experienced and certified coaches.

There are two parts of the program:

Part One: 8 intensive coaching sessions over 4 months

  • One 60-90 minute initial discovery session to define goals, explore values and identify triggers, barriers, and purpose
  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to work towards goals and overcoming challenges (7 hours of coaching total)
  • Weekly newsletter with coaching tips and recommended readings
  • Three monthly group calls with other fellows
  • Three monthly 1-on-1 introductions to connect with other fellows

Part Two: 3 coaching sessions over 2 months

  • Two hours of coaching sessions to deepen learnings and receive support to be scheduled when needed
  • One hour completion session to reflect on learnings and plan for ongoing self-development
  • Two monthly group calls with other fellows
  • Two monthly 1-on-1 introductions to connect with other fellows




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