2019 Burning Man Project Global Art Grant Program

Deadline: December 18, 2018.

Burning Man has a long and rich history of granting seed money to new and emerging artists around the world. This program funds highly interactive, community-driven works of art that prioritize community involvement in their development, execution and display.The Mission of Burning Man Project is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man event into the larger world. The Burning Man Global Art Grants fund projects that are aligned in the spirit of the Burning Man culture without the expectation that submissions will be coming from those who’ve attended the event or participated in other regional events. We value the potential for the human spirit to flourish through creativity and work to support projects that reflect participatory cultural opportunities for communities worldwide.



  • Individual artists
  • Art groups, organizations and collectives (we do NOT require groups to have nonprofit 501(c)3 status)
  • Artists located anywhere on the globe; there are no geographic restrictions placed on those who can apply
  • While we do welcome projects from established artists, our focus is to encourage, support and take risks on new and emerging artists
  • Anyone who’s previously applied for or received any type of Burning Man (or BRAF) grant, we encourage you to apply again
  • We fund art projects that are proposed by people, creatives, artists, designers, community members who align with the Burning Man ethos and 10 Principles based cultural standards. Grantees may or may not have been to a Burning Man event, nor is it a requirement to receive a Global Art Grant


  • All funded projects must be art that is accessible to the public
  • Grants can be applied towards the creation of interactive artworks
  • Grants can be applied towards the development of community programs or organizations that support the creation of interactive artworks
  • The cost of the materials necessary to fulfill the project’s vision
  • Limited Artist Fees: In some instances, we will fund artist fees when the form of art-making and engagement is reliant on the person to be realized
  • Food for volunteers and community members if it is a legitimate part of project process of engagement
  • While we don’t prioritize touring and exhibitions of art, projects that are found to be interactive, participatory, and/or include ongoing elements of community engagement may still be evaluated to determine if they fit the mission of the Global Art Grant program
  • Our grants range from between $500 and $10,000, with most awards ranging between $3,000 and $6,000. Please consider this when proposing your budget


  • Creation of highly interactive, community-driven art
  • Art that can be experienced in public spaces, where everyone has access to view and participate with the art free of charge
  • Art that can be touched, heard and/or experienced
  • Projects that allow participants to engage with the conception, creation and presentation of art
  • Taking risks and providing seed funding that stimulates new explorations and fosters new artists
  • Validation and support for artists that are at the experimental point of their own development
  • Art created by the community for the benefit of that community




Burning Man Project Global Art Grant Program

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