2019 British Council Creative Economy Call for UK Researcher: Creative and Cultural Districts in Thailand

Deadline: August 11, 2019.

In Thailand, the Government’s 4.0 policy has highlighted the creative economy as a key driver to get the country out of the middle income trap by promoting innovation and creativity in all sectors. This policy has sparked a lot of changes especially in terms of government and private investments in innovation and creativity. More recently, an emphasis has been placed on creative hubs and creative districts as catalysts for social and economic changes.

The British Council Thailand is developing a range of research and development activities to increase engagement and support towards creative districts and hubs in order to promote the value of the creative industries by communities which will enable a high degree of influence on urban, city, local government and national policies.



The UK research associate will be expected to:

  • Develop a typology of creative and cultural districts.
  • Provide an assessment of the role and purpose of creative and cultural districts and their relationship to existing creative hubs.
  • Map the profile and scope of creative and cultural districts – from their inception to development.
  • Analyse the socio-cultural engagement with the creative districts, exploring how they are valued and utilised by creative firms and other users / visitors.
  • Record good practice for creative districts and develop a set of shared learning tools for SEA cities.
  • Develop detailed case studies and strategic assessments of 3-4 districts
  • Present findings and facilitate knowledge sharing throughout the project, commencing with Songkhla in October 2019.




1. Open to UK-based Researcher or Team

2. UK Research Associate



1. The selected UK-based researcher or team will be expected to work closely with a local research partner – The British Council can help identify the local researcher and provide advice on local costings.

2. The research on creative and cultural districts in Thailand will be part of a wider regional research programme for South East Asia (SEA). The other research projects will be take place in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.



1. Read the Request for Proposals and download the application pack here.

2. For any questions, please contact Roxana.Apostol@britishcouncil.org or Jay: Patcharawee.Tunprawat@britishcouncil.or.th .




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