2019 Asia Youth International Model United Nations AYIMUN for The World Competition

Deadline: March 31, 2019.

Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) is a simulation of united nations where every participant will act as diplomat and represent a country to discuss and solve the global issue through delivering speech, formal debate and negotiation. The output of the session is a resolution which contents of the current issues and proposed solutions. The next question is what we can do with the resolution? Shall we stop it? Or shall we do more action? The expected answer is that there should be a follow up action regarding the resolution. The ideas which have been created brilliantly by the delegates shall not only be on the paper, but it also will be better to take further action of it. Besides the ideas which come from delegates, we also believe that many of young activists out there who also have amazing ideas that further action regarding global issues.



AYIMUN for The World program is looking for ideas as follows:

  • Open for all not only AYIMUN alumni
  • Initiatives that use new technologies and ways of working to provide opportunities for youth within their local communities.
  • Ideas that assist young people to be able creating their own opportunities in their local environment.
  • Ideas that can develop local community for skills, experiences and opportunities.
  • Solutions to improve the quality of life and financial security of young people in irregular work.
  • Innovations that provide information, advice and guidance to young people so they can navigate their options in the new economy
  • There is no limitation of person for groups applicant. However, because the winner will get invitation to AYIMUN 2019 we only cover flight ticket and accomodation for 1 person (most preferably leader of project).
  • This project will give funding to selected project not for participation to AYIMUN 2019.
  • Alumni of AYIMUN and public especially young activists (max. 25 years old), can be individual or group.
  • The project duration is at least one month and maximum two months.
  • Engaging local community or non profit organizations will give added values.



  • Submit your best proposal that concerns about youth, education, health, economy, and food, before March 31st, 2019 to socialproject@modelunitednation.org with subject: Name of Social Project-Nationality (Example: Charity for Children-Tunisia)
  • All received proposal will be assessed by committee. Committee will select only top 10 best proposals to continue to the next phases.
  • After top 10 best proposals are selected, the next step is video campaign. Participant must create a short video (max. 5 minutes) which describes their projects. It must be noted that the video quality should be an HD one and create it as creative as possible and informative. All videos will be published on AYIMUN social media such as Instagram and YouTube.
  • Top 10 best social programs will be cut down into top 5 best social programs based on 50% of social media review (such as likers, views and comments) and 50% of points from judges & committee.
  • Top 5 Finalists of best social program will be funded every social project between 1000 until 2000 USD by AYIMUN committee for its implementation. During the implementation phase, Top 5 Finalist must compile excellent documentation and report the progress.
  • Final output of Top 5 finalist is creating a video that shows the implementation process until the project is finished or currently on going, then submit the video with HD quality (if possible) and a duration that should not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • The committee will decide the 1st Winner based on 50% social media review (such as likers, views and comments) and 50% of points from judges and committee. Top 5 finalist will be invited to the awarding night of AYIMUN 2019 and 1st winner will receive USD 1500.



Asia Youth International Model United Nations

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