2019 Arts for SDGs Nigeria for Artist & Poet within Lagos and Abuja.

Deadline: Ongoing

From Renaissance to a contemporary form of arts; to spoken words and poetry across all youth demographics and gender, Art For SDGs Nigeria will explore the rich talents and diversity of Nigeria’s youth across our geopolitical zones to interpret the SDGs in arts, expand our knowledge for the SDGs and deepen our hunger for impact irrespective of our social status, academic qualification, gender, location and/or profession.

Arts For SDGs Nigeria will select artists and poets to draw and speak to the challenges of modern Nigeria in actualizing the SDGs.

The key focus for 2019 Arts For SDGs Nigeria will be on Climate Change (SDG 13) and Mental Health (SDG 3). We will offer a highly personal point of view beyond the usual statistics but instead illustrate the emotions, suffering and contradictions underlying the SDGs and implementation in Nigeria. We hope to stir the public through art to question the exact nature of the Global Goals; what our individual responsibility is and the collective responsibility of our government towards the success of the SDGs 3 and 13 in Nigeria.



1. Application open to young people ages 18 to 35years.

2. People who are passionate about advocacy for climate change and mental health

3. Resident in Lagos or Abuja environment.




If you are a poet or creative person who will love to perform or display your art work at the event, please email: [email protected]




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