2019 Amnesty International Youth Task Force

Deadline: July 4, 2019.

Amnesty is in the process of designing a new global strategy to become a bigger, bolder, and more inclusive movement. The design process will be rolled out until Amnesty’s Global Assembly in July 2020 and facilitated by the Global Strategy & Impact Programme (GSIP) at the International Secretariat. The process will involve hearing from a wide range of stakeholders to help inform Amnesty International’s future direction. The Youth Task Force will be one of the key groups to help translate the results of the global consultation into Amnesty’s new strategy.



The Youth Task Force will consist of a group of up to 15 youth leaders aged 18-24 from both within the Amnesty International movement but also from outside (external) organisations and partners. Two participants will be selected from within Amnesty’s existing Global Youth Collective.

Prior to the workshop, members of the Youth Task Force will be asked to participate remotely in approximately 3 interpreted preparatory meetings and in online spaces to prepare, and to help guide other elements of the strategy design process. Several materials will also be prepared to support the Task Force – including a detailed report on the outcome of the global consultation.

As the design process evolves, the Task Force might be called upon at further moments for between October 2019 and July 2020



The Global Strategy & Impact Programme of Amnesty International will arrange and provide travel and accommodation costs for the Youth Task Force members. This includes visa costs, necessary travel costs, and accommodation in London for 3 nights. Additionally, a per diem of £44 will be provided for each workshop day.



  • 50% of participants will be selected from inside the Amnesty International movement (existing members or volunteers) and 50% of participants from other organisations or social movements. The group will be diverse and be selected from across a variety of identities, backgrounds and regions.
  • Practical experience (in any shape and form) of campaigning for human rights or social change – including around movement organizing and mobilization, advocacy, partnership building, communications or research.
  • Skills: creativity, ability to think globally (connecting local and global dimensions of movement organizing), passionate about social change, leadership skills

For applicants internal to Amnesty we also welcome experience of being active in or having exposure to other organisations/movements for social change.

  • Ability to engage in approximately 3 interpreted preparatory meetings and in spaces online (around 5 hours) between July-October 2019 and as the design process evolves, the Task Force might be called upon at further moments for between October 2019 and July 2020.
  • Ability to travel and participate in a 3-day workshop in London, United Kingdom from October 28-October 30, 2019 (costs of travel, accommodation, per diem, and visa will be covered)
  • Candidates must be between 18-24 for the submission deadline of July 4, 2019.



  • Send us a short video (2-minute maximum) or cover letter (one page max) – in your preferred language – telling us your ideas on what type of organisation Amnesty should be in 2035. Introduce yourself – education, experience etc. Sending a CV is optional. We will translate your application to English, but if you are comfortable in English, please apply in English. However, this will not affect the application process.
  • Endorsement letter from an organisation / person who can explain why you are a suitable candidate.
    > Candidates that are already involved with Amnesty can do this by getting an endorsement letter from the Director of the relevant Amnesty International section/structure/national office. International Members can get an endorsement letter through their contact in the Amnesty Global Supporter Engagement Team.
  • If you interested in this opportunity, please send your application to globalstrategy@amnesty.org Do not hesitate to approach Dennis Bednar (dennis.bednar@amnesty.org) if you have any questions or comments.




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