2019 AgriSATFarm: Call for Service Partners for Nigerians

Deadline: January 31, 2019.

AgriSATFarm Nigeria LTD is the inventor of the Nigeria-made Farming Mobile Application (Android based) AgriSAT that educate young farmers with production information and data on how to farm 70 produces (food & cash crops, livestock, and Fishes) and link them up to all the necessary service providers (tractor operators, veterinaries, transporters, input suppliers, produce merchants, Farm consultants, credit managers, Farm labour manager etc.) and online Market place.

They are seeking for competent agribusiness service partners within Abuja, Ekiti State, Lagos State and Ondo State.



1. Build a network of service providers(farm land owners, input sellers, farm implements/machinery owners, etc).
2. Render services to customers or App users relating to any of the products or services being provided.
3.Install Agrisat mobile app for prospective users and clients.
1. Have at least 2 or 3 years experience in agribusiness activities.
2. Be willing to act as a service partner within your local government.
3.Register as a service partner with us
1. Your details such as: Phone number, services, and other info will be displayed on the AgriSAT App for customers to see and reach out to you as a service partner and request for your services.
2. Payment on the basis of job-by-job done for services rendered
3. Access to a large number of customers readily available to you
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