2019 Action Canada Fellowship Programme

Deadline: March 15, 2019.

The program revolves around five intensive, five-to-eight-day working conferences in locations such as Haida Gwaii, Vancouver, Kugluktuk, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Quebec City, Nain and Charlottetown.

Fellows meet with senior leaders from all sectors, including government, industry, the media and NGOs. They participate in Action Canada’s signature leadership-skills development sessions such as Power of the Question, Northern Policy Teams exercise, and Dialogue Dinners. And, Fellows hone their writing, speaking and media skills with some of Canada’s top authors, journalists and broadcasters, including Andrew Cohen, Tom Clark, Alain Dubuc and Monique LaCoste

Joining Action Canada requires a substantial commitment of time and energy. Fellows undertake this 10-month program in conjunction with their work, graduate studies or other projects.

The four goals of the Action Canada Fellowship are to:

  • Enhance the participant’s understanding of Canada through the study tours
  • Provide concrete tools to support the participant’s leadership skills and their ability to make a difference in Canada
  • Strengthen the participant’s understanding of how policy is developed through a project related to the selected policy theme
  • Create a network of enduring relationships among the participants and the alumni




1. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

2. The Fellowship is open to individuals from all walks of life. Prior or current studies in a particular discipline or a specific type of work experience are not requirements of this program.



Travel and accommodation costs for all components of the program are covered by PPF. Meals are also provided as part of each study tour program.



  • Record of leadership and/or achievement.
  • Moral character, open-mindedness, energy, courage to learn new things and acquire new experiences.
  • Demonstrated teamwork ability and interest in working with others.
  • A passion for Canada; the potential to become a leader in Canada and the commitment to make a positive contribution to Canada.
  • A noted interest in public policy and its importance as a tool for positive change.




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