2019 4YBY Worlds AIDS Day HIV Self Testing Contest for Nigerians

Deadline: November 17, 2019.

HIV self-testing is the type of HIV testing you can do by yourself. It allows you to collect your own test specimen such as saliva or blood, perform the test,and interpret the results in private, either alone or with guidance from someone you trust.

For far too long, Nigerian Youth have been left behind on decision processes or actions that impact their lives. Given the status of the environment, society and economy today, we need new ideas and actions to show how a new world is possible. We believe that Nigerian youth can bring a new level of thinking to the most challenging problems in our society!



1. To be eligible, you must be between 14 and 24 years and currently residing in Nigeria.

2. Submit your ideas through the contest application form that can be found on our website home page or using this form: http://bit.ly/4YBYIDEA19

3. OR Submit your ideas through a physical form that can be picked up at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research ( 6 Edmund Crescent, off Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba Lagos)



1. Top ideas will win cash prizes up to ₦250,000 and will have the opportunity to participate in Round 2 of the contest in February – March 2020.

2. Participation in the event will give young people access to a variety of global health leaders, decision makers and innovators.



Your ideas will be judged based on:
a) How well you describe your idea and how it addresses the problem of HIV testing in Nigeria;
b) How realistic your idea is;
c) How appealing your idea is to other young people; and
d) How creative and original your idea is.



1) Using this form, please submit your idea that you would like to be considered for inclusion in the 4YBY HIV Self-testing contest 2019!
2) Follow us on Instagram @4youthbyyouth or Facebook- 4 Youth by Youth or Twitter @4YouthbYouth
3) Optional – You can also post a selfie with your idea or a brief video of your idea on “Instagram or Facebook” and tag @4youthbyyouth and use #HIVSelfTestingContest




Click here to apply

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