2018 INGSA Capacity Building Workshop (South Asia)

Deadline: December 26, 2018.

The International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) Asia, in collaboration with the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi India is organising the International Network for Government Science Advice Capacity Building Workshop for South Asia on the 11th and 12th of December 2018 at the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Scientific advice plays an important role in policy making in most countries. However, most of the problems and challenges in the society are complex in nature and policy makers need to consider many other factors than scientific advice.

The INGSA South Asia Capacity Building Workshop is developed as a highly interactive workshop that includes training, application, peer support and mentorship. Participant will attend a 2-days intensive on-site programme at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Throughout the 2-day workshop, participants will be involved in:

A. Skills-training:
• Elements of effective (collective) science advice
• Strategies towards effective collaboration and network building
• Creative and systems thinking
• Problem solving and decision-making skills
• Effective communication skills
• Stakeholder engagement skills
• Overcoming cultural inhibitions
• Monitoring and assessment of programme impact

B. Best practices, experiences and opportunities:
• Reflections
• Insights from experienced science advisor
• Opportunities for participants to apply the skills that they have acquired


1. Applicants will need to display compelling evidence of their interest in science advice.

2. This potential can be demonstrated in areas such as research excellence, talent development, advocacy, connection,
outreach, education etc.

3. The INGSA South Asia Capacity Building Workshop is seeking ambitious and values-driven scientists or policy makers who are committed towards actively contributing to or establishing Science Advice as well as promoting greater collaboration within the region.



Training, meal, airfare and accommodation costs will be covered by the organisers for all selected participants. There will be some costs that will not be covered by the programme, such as visas and vaccinations, for which participant may need to seek support from their local institution or fund personally.



I. All applicants have to fill up registration form and provide one recommendation letter from their proposed referee and brief curriculum vitae from this link https://goo.gl/forms/TmVtD1TUcH4jTblj2.
II. Please ensure that the support letters are sent using accredited institutional letter head. The referee has to commit to be involved in future communications and mentorship of successful participant. This referee should express their willingness towards supporting the INGSA Asia participant’s development as an academic leader





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