2018 European Solidarity Corps Contest

Contest Open: December 1, 2018.

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects that benefit communities and people around Europe.

It was announced by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, during his annual State of the European Union speech in September 2016, and officially launched in December 2016. More information

After completing a simple registration process, participants could be selected join a wide range of projects. These projects will be run by organisations which have been checked and authorised to run European Solidarity Corps projects.



  1. The contest is only open to young people between 18 and 31
  2. Be registered in the European Solidarity Corps Portal and have already experienced a volunteering activity.



Up to five monthly winners will receive a European Solidarity Corps promotion kit.



How can you share your photo?

  1. You are registered in the European Solidarity Corps Portal on the European Youth Portal
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Upload up to 5 pictures and give a brief explanation on the picture, why it represents your magic moment
  4. Please be aware that we are looking for photos, that represent the ideals, values and the spirit of the European Solidarity Corps.




European Solidarity Corps Contest

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