2025 Nedbank Chartered Accountants Training Programme for South Africans

Deadline: March 1, 2024.

You’re not like other trainees and they’re not like other training programmes. With the Nedbank CA Training Programme, you have the opportunity to tailor your rotations and adapt your articles to your desired career goals, while also having access to coaches and mentors to support your professional growth.

Furthermore, they place great value on the principles of leadership and transformation, which are firmly ingrained in our business culture, and encourage their trainees to participate in and avail themselves for events and seminars.

Join the Nedbank CA Training Programme, where you can make a purpose-driven impact. Train Differently. #BeTheDifference.


  1. To apply you must be registered for a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA)
    or an equivalent year of postgraduate studies.
  2. To apply you should be in your final year of undergraduate studies


  1. Their trainees have mentors who are vested in their career and professional growth beyond the SAICA competency requirements.
  2. They have various programme committees such as Recruitment Committee, Social Committee and Marketing Committee that are trainees lead and participate in. They call this Programme Involvement. Programme Involvement builds leadership skills, fosters collaboration across the programme, allows for creativity in actualising and pioneering new initiatives in the programme.
  3. Their programme size averages 30-36 with an intake of 10-12 trainees per year. This is a small programme which allows for more one-one development experiences and individualised attention.
  4. For you to be a business leader, you need to find an area in the business that plays to your strengths, that you enjoy and that resonates with your purpose and career passions. It is against this backdrop that we allow our trainees the opportunity to influence their rotation path by rotating in areas that they indicate interest in.

Apply through the OFFICIAL LINK

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