2024 UNITAR Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training Programme

Deadline: June 30, 2024.

28 May 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – UNITAR calls for applications for its “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Promoting Food Security and Economic Development in Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon” training programme for young entrepreneurs from ages 18-45 in Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon. Participants will learn entrepreneurship fundamentals and knowledge and develop advanced skills for achieving economic development and fighting food insecurity. The programme is scheduled to run from June 2024 to March 2025.


  • Phase 1 (July to October 2024) Approximately 100 participants will conduct online training on key entrepreneurship topics such as the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and agribusiness and will acquire knowledge and skills to identify alternative livelihood opportunities with high potential for business start-ups in their context. Participants will complete self-paced online courses, peer-to-peer discussions, assignments, and webinars by regional and international experts in the field. 
  • Phase 2 (October to December 2024) Approximately 20 top-ranked participants will conduct training on entrepreneurial tools, techniques and best practices to devise solutions for food security challenges. Participants will devise and implement innovative and sustainable businesses and projects that address urgent needs stemming from food insecurity including climate-smart agricultural and aquacultural practices to counter environmental constraints.
  • Phase 3 (December 2024-March 2025) Approximately 10 top performers will develop ready-to-launch blueprints for novel enterprises/projects, each with significant potential for job creation and resilience-building within the agrifood sector. This phase will include a mentorship and coaching component that will happen online, and a possible intensive workshop will take place either online or in person. Details are yet to be decided.


The programme is open to motivated entrepreneurs from Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon, who are/have:

  • passionate to succeed and make a positive impact on your community
  • good spoken and written English skills
  • committed to completing the programme
  • work experience or interest in agribusiness and food security or general entrepreneurship
  • within the age range of 18-45
  • Commitment of a minimum of 2-4 hours per week during the programme


  1. The programme will be delivered in English and the participants will receive a UNITAR certificate of completion if they complete the course and meet all requirements.
  2. The training programme is free of charge and financially supported by the Government and People of Japan.

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