2024  Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy for Nigerians (Paid Fellowship)

Deadline: Unspecified.

The Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy is a program that aims to build skills, awareness, and a nuanced perspective among young people to tackle challenges in various fields including the public sector.

The program will offer first-hand experience into the process of governance at a State government level, Fellows will also participate in round table discussions with renowned leaders from both the public and private sectors and partake in domestic and international policy trips.


  1. Be a Nigerian
  2. Have 2 years work experience
  3. Be between 25-35 years old
  4. Hold a minimum of HND or Bachelors’ degree
  5. Have NYSC certificate or an exception certificate.
  6.  The fellowship program is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants, including those living with disabilities. Kindly indicate this during the application.


  1. This is a paid Fellowship. You will also be accommodated in a tastefully furnished apartment during the course of the program.
  2. As a fellow of the Academy, you’ll receive competitive remuneration and be accommodated in tastefully furnished apartment during the course of the fellowship. Fellows will receive direct mentorship from Mr. Governor and members of the Lagos State Executive Council through the quarterly ministerial rotations.
  3. During the one-year program, Fellows will serve as a Special Assistant to Mr. Governor, shadow cabinet members, and participate in high-level meetings. Additionally, Fellows will engage in one-on-one coaching with industry experts through various platforms, fostering holistic growth and preparing you for future success.
  4. Fellows will receive continuous multi source feedback on leadership skills and performance.
  5. Fellows will be exposed to an innovative and dynamic learning curriculum through public and private sector learnings.
  6. Fellows will enjoy access to intimate interactive sessions with renowned world leaders and take part in local and international policy trips.

Apply through the OFFICIAL LINK

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