2024 AERC-World Bank Visiting Scholars Program for African Researchers 

Deadline: June 30, 2023.

African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and The World Bank, Africa Region Chief Economist’s Office (AFRCE), signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a mutually beneficial collaborative partnership. The newly established AERC-World Bank visiting scholars programme is central to the collaboration between the two institutions.

The objectives of the collaboration are to (i) enhance AERC’s capacity to boost economic policy research in sub-Saharan Africa; (ii) help strengthen AERC’s global linkages in areas of economic policy, academic research, and graduate training; (iii) deepen and broaden the policy impact of both AERC and AFRCE and  (iv) to enhance the skills and output (especially publications and courses) of individual African researchers by providing access to wider and better information, network and economic research and data accessible via the World Bank. 


  • Must be an AERC researcher, including researchers from the AERC collaborative PhD  programme CPP).
  • Must have an active AERC research project at least at interim/post field stage or final research paper stage.
  • The research project must be pertinent to the research agenda of the World Bank Africa Region, and imperatives for sustained African development.  


The expression of interest by applicants should include:

  1. A two-page statement of interest.
  2. A draft paper on a subject pertinent to the research agenda of the Africa region of the World Bank   and imperatives facing African development.
  3. If you teach a relevant course, the curriculum/course materials that you would like to improve while visiting the World Bank.
  4. Copy of your updated curriculum vitae.

Application packages must be emailed to the AERC Research Department (research@aercafrica.org). Up to 3 awards will be announced in 2023/2024 cohort.


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