2023 Vodafone Ghana Internship Program

Deadline: May 21, 2023.

Welcome to a period of self-actualisation, which we hope will result in the fine-tuning of your skills, clarifying your career goals, expanding your network of experienced professionals and making you the best version of yourself. The program provides hands-on experience and development for undergraduate students to improve their skills and make them more competitive, whether in the pursuit of their education or career.The Vodafone Internship Programme is designed to give you hands-on work experience and afford you the platform to exhibit your talent.


Vodafone’s Internship Programme is for curious undergraduate students who are interested in exploring how our world around us work, why things are the way they are, and are keen to contribute to the use of technology to solve life’s problems.  Only candidates who meet the following criteria will be contacted:

  1. You are a tertiary student still studying for a degree or MBA in a recognized University
  2. You have a curious mind and are willing to learn
  3. You are able to adhere to Corporate rules and policies e.g. Confidentiality
  4. You will be able to provide a valid and current recommendation letter from your institution of study if you are successful


  1. Outside of core project work, VFGH interns have the opportunity to take advantage of the learning and development programs Vodafone offers. They encourage interns to invest in themselves and grow their personal and professional skills on an ongoing basis.
  2. Their ultimate goal is to afford interns a worthwhile work experience while attracting great talent to Vodafone Ghana.  Interns who excel have the opportunity to be considered for Vodafone’s Discover Graduate Programme upon completion of their studies.


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