2023 Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) Women’s Political Leadership Fellowship (Fully Funded)

Deadline: September 9, 2022.

ICLD have now opened the application for a new cohort of the programme (2023). If you are a local political leader in any of the OECD-DAC listed ODA-countries, a woman and most importantly, an agent of change – this programme is for you.

The 12-months training focuses on developing political leadership skills and is open only to women who hold an elected seat in a local or regional government in any of the OECD-DAC listed ODA-countries. All parts of the training are based on equity, participation, transparency and accountability, and the goal is to strengthen democracy in the organizations taking part in the training, primarily by strengthening the politician herself, as well as capacitating women politicians in general to be good role models and to get a higher involvement of underrepresented groups in decision making bodies. 

The training is implemented in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). 


  1. All countries on the OECD-DAC listed ODA-eligible countries, are eligible for the programme. See this list
  2. Only elected women politicians (currently in office) in a local/regional government will be considered. ICLD will prioritize applicants holding a position of Mayor or Deputy Mayor but will also exceptionally accept applicants who are Councilor. They at ICLD aim to create a group that includes both majority and opposition politicians, as well as a diversity of ages and experience. ICLD trainings are open to all that are eligible, irrespective of physical ability.
  3. The training programme will be organised and conducted in English. Proficiency in English shall be indicated in the Application form.
  4. Considering the training programme consists of international travels and work away from home in a new environment, good health and ability to work without health restrictions is required. It is therefore recommended that candidates undergo a medical examination before filling in the Medical Statement in the Application form.
  5. The outline of the problem to be addressed by the change process will be of crucial importance in the selection of participants. Once selected, the participant is required to attend all scheduled parts of the 12-months programme and must have approval to participate in all aspects of the program from her local authority. She is required to actively participate in the workshops and complete assignments between workshops (journals, reports).


  1. All training costs pertaining to lectures, literature, documentation, study tours and certain social activities as well as accommodation and food will also be covered by the organiser.
  2. All international travel costs related to the programme will be covered by the programme organiser.
  3. All participants are covered under a group insurance while on scheduled parts of the programme.
  4. Participants who successfully complete all scheduled parts will be awarded a Certificate of completion of training.


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