2023 Sandbox Elsewhere Hub for Young Leaders

Deadline: July 16, 2023.

Sandbox is an eclectic community of nomads, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, engineers, politicians, artists, designers and indomitable misfits from over 100 countries. Together they seek to develop their authentic selves, form meaningful relationships, discover resources to live fulfilling lives, and to lead significant impact on the world around us. 


They are looking for engaged and engaging people to celebrate the challenges and the magic of belonging nowhere and everywhere.

???? Are you 20-33 years old at the time of your application? (see exceptions below)*
???? Are you a curious human who wants to move mountains? 
???? Are you open to vulnerability yet driven to make a positive change in your community?
???? Are you based in a city without an existing Sandbox hub?  (see list above for existing hubs) 

???? A nomad at heart or in real life?


The application process will consist of three stages:

1) This form (open now through July 16th 2023
2) Interview with a Sandboxer (first few weeks of August 2023
3) A creative WOW project to showcase what you can bring to the community. (late August 2023


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