2023 EU Lorenzo Natali Media Prize for Journalists Worldwide

Deadline: April 28, 2023.

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize, the EU’s flagship journalism award, opens for applications today. Journalists can apply by submitting eligible stories. The Prize recognises and honours the work of journalists from around the world which shed a light on the most pressing global challenges.


Reporters can submit written, audio-visual or multimedia work in one of the following categories:

  • International Prize: reporting published by a media outlet based in one of the European Union’s partner countries.
  • Europe Prize: reporting published by a media outlet based in the European Union.
  • Best Emerging Journalist Prize: reporting by a journalist aged under 30 at the time of publication and published by a media outlet based in any of the countries eligible for the International and Europe Prizes.


  1. The European Commission calls on journalists reporting on issues relating to inequality, poverty eradication, sustainable development, environment, biodiversity, climate action, digital, jobs and employment, education and skills development, migration, healthcare, peace, democracy and human rights 
  2. Open to journalists worldwide
  3. Applications are open to reporting in any language, but should be accompanied by a translation in one of the competition languages: English, French, Spanish, German or Portuguese.


  1. Each winner will receive €10 000.
  2. The winner of the Best Emerging Journalist category will also be offered a work experience with a media partner.
  3. The winners will be announced at the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize Award Ceremony in Brussels later in 2023.


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