2023 EcoHeroes Initiative for Students in Secondary Schools in Africa

Deadline: October 15, 2023.

Green Growth Africa Sustainability Network (#GreenGrowthAfrica); formerly – International Support Network for African Development, is a UNEP-accredited non-governmental organisation that is committed to innovation, development, and implementation of ‘greened’ socio-economic development solutions to address Africa’s development challenges. Green Growth Africa operates an interdisciplinary network of experienced professionals, researchers and students across the globe who are committed to the realization of a socially inclusive economic growth and development path that is low-carbon, climate-resilient, and resource-efficient; maintains and enhances biodiversity and ecosystems.  #GreenGrowthAfrica is implementing the ‘EcoHeroes Initiative’ to empower African youths with action competences through the acquisition and application of their classroom knowledge and skills gained in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and Arts to address environmental and social challenges within their local communities. The EcoHeroes Initiative focuses on raising a new generation of 21st century green workforce who are skilled at developing solutions to 21st century challenges.

The 2023/2024 EcoHeroes Initiatives invites application from students in Secondary Schools across Africa to identify environmental problems in their communities and develop solutions focused on Sustainable Development in these three thematic pillars, namely; Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Transportation; and Climate Change.


  1. Student teams must be from Secondary schools in any of the African countries, previous teams of past EcoHereoes Initiative cohorts and EcoHeroes Clubs are welcomed to apply.
  2. Each secondary school will be represented by a team comprising of at least Ten (10) students and a coordinating teacher. 50% of the students in the team should be girls (this would be waved for same sex (boys-only/girls-only) schools. However, more students and teachers are allowed depending on the nature of their project.
  3. Each team is expected to identify any environmental challenges/ needs in their local communities, brainstorm and ideate solution(s) to address this need/challenge.
  4. Only innovative and inspiring project ideas that are in line with the three thematic areas of Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Transportation and Climate Change will be considered. Project ideas must also express and give room for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and other green skills.
  5. The period of project completion must be within 3 to 4 months.


Each selected team will receive;

  • Mentorship support from international and local experts as technical advisors to refine and help with the implementation of the project through quality mentorship and advisory.
  • Capacity development through critical thinking, hands-on project implementation, online webinar presentation and training.
  • Training of coordinating teachers on Education for Sustainable Development.
  • Funding of up to 400 USD for the implementation of each project idea for new schools while schools that have previously benefitted from EcoHeroes Initiative formerly known as Environmental Education Programme(EEP) will be funded up to 200 USD.
  • Certificate of participation for students’ team
  • Certificate of recognition for coordinating teachers and letter of recommendation for exceptional teachers.
  • Opportunity to share project outcomes with other secondary school students across the globe.
  • Leverage on the global visibility and publicity of #GreenGrowthAfrica and its partners.
  • At the completion of the projects, additional monetary prize will be awarded to the top three “EcoHeroes” Clubs with the most innovative and impactful projects to support the operation of their club after the completion of their projects sponsored within EcoHeroes Initiative.


  • They recommend that you read their blog containing the impact and diverse award-winning projects of past EcoHeroes Initiative cohorts across Africa to gain inspiration for your project idea, before proceeding to apply.
  • Qualified and interested teams are invited to complete the online application here.
  • Provide a letter of support from the school’s management expressing its support for the school’s team participation in the programme, and the commitment of the school to the operation and sustainability of the club, “EcoHeroes” after the completion of project funded within EcoHeroes Initiative. The letter should also indicate that the school has/will provide electricity access and internet access as well as a projector and camera for quality and short video recordings.
  • Prepare a pitch deck of your team’s project idea which will be uploaded in your application.
  • Prepare a work-plan outlining the plans for your team’s project idea which will be uploaded in your application.

Apply through the OFFICIAL LINK

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