2023 Burke Global Health Fellowship at Harvard Global Health Institute (Fully Funded)

Deadline: March 10, 2023.

The Burke Global Health Fellowship program at the Harvard Global Health Institute provides funding for postdocs and Harvard Junior faculty for their innovative research and curriculum development and teaching  in global health. 

There are three types of Burke Fellowships: 

  1. Burke Global Health Fellowship – Research Award 
  2. Burke Global Health Fellowship – Curriculum Development Award 
  3. (NEW) Burke Climate and Health Fellowship – Research Award

The Fellowships are made possible through the generous support of Harvard alumna Katherine States Burke, AB’79, and her husband, T. Robert Burke, who established the Burke Fund to help launch and advance the careers of promising junior faculty in global health.


  1. To apply for a Burke Global Health Fellowship applicants must hold a junior faculty appointment at Harvard University (ie: Assistant or Associate Professor, Instructor).
  2. Faculty working in disciplines outside of health and life sciences are encouraged to apply so long as the work falls within global health.
  3. To apply for a Burke Climate and Health Fellowship applicants are research fellows, post-doctoral scholars, and early career faculty pursuing scholarly research at the intersection of climate change and global health.


There are three types of Burke Fellowship awards:

Burke Global Health – Research: $75,000 each

Research awards provide opportunities for junior faculty to conduct foundational research that prepares them to be independent investigators or to conduct exploratory work on groundbreaking questions seldom supported by traditional funding sources.

Burke Global Health – Curriculum Development and Teaching: $25,000 each

Curriculum Development and Teaching awards provide opportunities for junior faculty to apply innovative pedagogy to course development and teaching, particularly at the undergraduate level.

(NEW) Burke Climate and Health – Research: $75,000 each 

The climate and health award includes a salary of $75,000 per year for a total of up to two years to support scholarship related to climate and health.


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