2022 Teach For Nigeria Fellowship for Young Nigerians

Deadline: April 11, 2022.

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment in which we place the most outstanding graduates and professionals to teach in Nigeria’s under-served schools in low-income communities. The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a transformational leadership program that equips Fellows with transferable leadership skills to effect change beyond the classrooms in the communities they serve.

The two-year commitment is necessary to make the impact we wish to have on student achievement. In the first year, Fellows refine their teaching skills and establish respect and trust among various stakeholders within the school community and the students. This allows Fellows to achieve significant academic gains for students. In the second year, Fellows engage in their community projects to further their impact. During the two years, you will strive to transform the student, transform as a leader and transform your school and community.


  1.  If you already possess an Education Qualification to teach in public schools, you are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.
  2. Many of their Fellows come from academic backgrounds outside of Education without any prior teaching experience. During their training programmes, they empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills to do well in the classroom.
  3. Teach For Nigeria is looking for promising future leaders who are vision-driven and committed to transforming Nigeria through education.
  4. They are looking for individuals with varied levels of experience including recent graduates, working youth, experienced professionals and entrepreneurs.
  5. Teach For Nigeria fellows are citizens of Nigeria or of Nigerian origin. Teach For Nigeria is open to Nigerians who after the program can be a contributing change to education in Nigeria.
  6. To be eligible, you must be a Nigerian citizen, hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and be younger than 35.


As a Teach For Nigeria Fellow, you are a part of a movement of young leaders working to eliminate educational inequity. In addition, these are some benefits of being a Fellow:

  1. Opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing lives and that will change society
  2. The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a paid Fellowship.
  3. Extensive leadership development training
  4. Intensive teacher training
  5. Real responsibility from day one
  6. Opportunity to be a part of a global network of change agents from across 60 countries
  7. Access to a Mentoring Programme, offering a unique opportunity to achieve professional and personal development
  8. Access to professional development, coaching, business trainings, skill workshops and network of supporters
  9. Opportunity to participate in a sponsored professional diploma in education program.
  10. Opportunity to design and implement a social change project
  11. A stipend for two years including during the school holidays.


The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a highly competitive program that attracts applications from intending Fellows from different disciplines, institutions and backgrounds. Through the 3-staged process, they select the candidates with the highest potential to make a difference during and after the Fellowship.

Stage 1: The Application form

Your application will help them understand your experiences, your motivation to join the Teach For Nigeria fellowship and why you would be a strong fit for the Fellowship.

Stage 2; Online Test

If they find you a good fit for the fellowship through your application, you will proceed to the next phase and an invitation link will be sent to you to take an online test.

Stage 3; Assessment Center

If successful in your online test, we will invite you to the Assessment Centre, which is the final stage of their selection process. Here, you will be required to conduct a 5-minute micro-teaching, take part in a critical thinking test, a group activity, and one-on-interview with their assessors.


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