2022 Prague Civil Society Centre Fellowship (Fully Funded)

Deadline: August 12, 2022.

Prague civil society centre fellowships are fully funded three-month research residencies in Prague for individuals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This includes activists, experts, researchers, and people working on civic projects and social issues in their country or region.

The fully funded three-month research residency is for civil society workers, activists, researchers and journalists engaged in civic activism and social issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

You can use this opportunity to:

• Research challenges, opportunities and trends affecting civil society and human rights in your country or region.

• Write a book or training manual, policy or analytical paper for the benefit of the people and/or the civil sector in your country.

• Conceptualise and initiate a new project.


  1. Anyone from Eastern Europe or Central Asia with proven experience and commitment to civil society in their country or region. This includes journalists, experts, researchers, human rights defenders, environmental or urban activists and members of NGOs and civic-minded groups.
  2. They expect applicants to have a proven and solid track record of work in the civic sector or journalism, with enough experience to complete a three-month project.
  3. Your Fellowship project proposal should aim to reflect and elaborate upon your current work or experience in your home country or region.
  4. You should demonstrate how participating in the Fellowship programme will aid your work upon returning home, how you will share the knowledge and expertise gained during the fellowship, or how you plan to develop cross-country or regional collaborative projects and networks.
  5. You are free to propose a Fellowship project on any topic, but they do assign higher priority to certain topics.


  1. The Prague Civil Society Centre will cover travel costs and modest living expenses, as well as visa assistance.
  2. You will also be provided with a shared office space with Internet connection and meeting facilities.


Step 1: Fill out the Fellowship application form.

STEP 2: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an online video interview. We will discuss your project idea and commitment.

STEP 3: The final selection will be made and all applicants will be informed of the result.


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