2022 Mandela Rhodes Foundation/ Shaun Johnson Memorial PhD Scholarships for MRF Alumni

Deadline: March 14, 2022.

A partnership between the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and the Leverhulme Trust to amplify the impact of our alumni. In 2016 the MRF partnered with the Leverhulme Trust to create a new doctoral scholarship only available to alumni of the Mandela Rhodes Scholars. This a very compelling supplementary offering to the Mandela Rhodes experience, and a highly competitive opportunity as there are two scholarships available per year.

The aim of the Shaun Johnson Memorial Scholarships (SJMS) is to increase the impact and effectiveness of Mandela Rhodes Alumni who wish to pursue PhD studies outside the African continent, by connecting them to financial support for doctoral study in the United Kingdom.


  1. This scholarship is only open to Mandela Rhodes Alumni.
  2. Candidates must be Mandela Rhodes Scholars seeking to do doctoral study in the UK
  3. Candidates must be beginning a new PhD – the SJMS does not provide support for PhDs which have already been started


The primary criteria for PhD research proposals are: originality, importance, significance and merit.

The secondary criteria for the SJMS are designed to support the MRF’s purpose and values. Applicants should motivate for the scholarship on the bases of the following criteria:

  1. Their research. The research proposal should have a demonstrable potential social impact, that will contribute to the betterment of Africa. The research should meet the criteria of originality, importance, significance and merit.
  2. Their research institution of choice. The applicant should motivate for why it is necessary for this research to be conducted at a UK institution of their choice, making specific mention of potential supervisor/s they have identified, or research units they intend to join. The applicant should be able to articulate how this positioning will advance them in their career, beyond the completion of the doctoral thesis.
  3. Their leadership capacity and potential. The applicant should demonstrate how the MRF values have been threaded through their journey since their time in residence to the present moment, though their academic and non-academic pursuits. They should be able to motivate for why they believe the Shaun Johnson Memorial Scholarship for doctoral study in the UK is an essential next part of their leadership journey.


The Shaun Johnson Memorial Scholarship covers your tuition and provides a stipend for your living costs.


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