2022 Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarships (Sweden)

Deadline: January 17, 2022.

Karolinska Institutet offers a handful of tuition fee scholarships to excellent students who have been admitted to one of our Global Master’s Programmes starting each Autumn semester. The amount of scholarships varies from year to year, but there are maximum 10 scholarships per year, spread to all the Global Master’s Programmes. The competition is fierce with approximately 1500 international students applying for the scholarship annually.

There are many Swedish, European and international foundations that award scholarships and grants. The rules for different scholarships and grants can vary – some are intended to help meet living costs, others fund tuition fees (for non EU/EEA citizens) and still others can be used for various educational costs. For details on the various types of scholarships and grants available, be sure to read and carefully follow the instructions provided.


To be eligible for the KI Global Master’s Scholarship you must:


The KI Global Master’s Scholarship only covers the tuition fee (or part of the tuition fee for programmes only partially given by Karolinska Institutet). Travel, living expenses and other costs must be met with other funding.


The online application form to the KI Global Master’s Scholarship is available here during the application period 18 October 2021 – 17 January 2022


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