2022 Fund for Investigative Journalism Grant

Deadline: September 7, 2022.

The Fund for Investigative Journalism provides grants and other support for reporters to produce high-quality, unbiased, nonpartisan investigative stories that have an impact.


  • Freelance journalists, staff reporters and media outlets are eligible for grants.
  • Their investigations can be for print, online or broadcast stories, books, documentaries or podcasts.


They provide four types of grants:

  • Regular grants: We review proposals three to four times a year for grants up to $10,000. The next deadline is Wednesday, September 7, 2022. 
  • Expedited grants: In rare cases, we provide expedited review for proposals that are extremely urgent and cannot wait for the regular review cycle. These proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants receive a decision within about two weeks.
  • Follow-up grants: We accept proposals for timely follow-up coverage to original investigations that were produced with grants from the Fund. Grantees can apply for expedited review for follow-up grants up to $2,500.
  • Emergency Grants: Threats to Democracy in the U.S.: These grants are for stories that break new ground and expose wrongdoing related to threats to democracy in the U.S. for up to $10,000. We will review proposals on a rolling basis. Grant decisions can be expected within 2-4 weeks of submission of application.


  • Regular, Expedited, and Follow-up proposals are submitted through the same application form
  • Emergency Grants are submitted through their own application form.


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