2022 Entrepreneurship World Cup Competition

Deadline: Varies

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is one of the biggest and most diverse startup pitch competitions and support programs of its kind, featuring more than 370,000 entrepreneurs from over 200 countries and offering winners life-changing prizes. Since launching in 2019, the EWC has awarded $3 million in cash prizes, $150 million in in-kind prizes and provided opportunities for entrepreneurs at all levels – from idea stage to scale-up – to reach the next stage in their journey by providing them with free access to world class training and resources, enhancing their visibility, and working to connect them to mentors and investors.


  1. The Entrepreneurship World Cup is open to creative and innovative individuals anywhere on the entrepreneurship spectrum. With categories and prizes for idea-stage, early-stage, and growth-stage ventures, the EWC customizes the accelerator resources available and ensures that competitions are conducted on equal footing and for all industries. 
  2. Startups must be less than seven (7) years old at the date of the Global Finals (Nov. 2022). 
  3. The EWC is open to all entrepreneurs – including those focused on starting and scaling social ventures. 
  4. There is no fee to apply. 
  5. English is the official language of the EWC at the global level. Applications must be completed in English whenever possible, but National Organizers reserve the right to accept applications in their country’s official language and even conduct their National Finals in that same language.  
  6. Team members must be at least 18 years old except if applying to the Idea Stage category. There is no age restriction for the Idea Stage category. 


EWC is more than just a global pitch competition but it’s still a competition, and yes, there are prizes – life-changing prizes. More than US$1 million total in prizes, in addition to investment opportunities, visibility, network, access to markets, and more than US$10 million in in-kind services for the top EWC100. 


  • July 10: Early applications close 
  • August 15: Final deadline to apply
  • September: EWC Qualifiers – National Finals and Global Pool  
  • October: EWC Group Stage – Virtual Bootcamp 
  • October: EWC 100 announced 
  • November: EWC Global Finals 


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