2022 Climate Tracker Local Sustainability Solution Reporting Fellowship

Deadline: January 7, 2022.

Sustainability is more than a catch phrase. It is a building block for a world moving to drastically reduce carbon emissions, discover, and develop technologies of the future. Solutions reporters play a critical role in sharing sustainability stories.

When we hear this word, we tend to think of renewable fuel sources, protecting the environment, and massive international projects and policies for net zero emissions. But what about the unsung heroes of the local community? What about the grassroots projects working to make a difference? 

To gain deeper insight into sustainability and what it means around the world, we’ve partnered with One Earth, to bring you this awesome opportunity to be part of a 6-month paid media mentorship-fellowship combo! 

Do you know about a community project focused on nature-based solutions? Are you interested in regenerative agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and energy transition? Perhaps you are aware of projects led by indigenous peoples or women groups. 


Ideal candidates will have:

  • 1 year of journalism/professional writing experience min
  • This opportunity is not specific to any one country or region. It is open to all young solution reporters between the age group 18-35. 
  • A hunger to improve as a solution reporter – this is a learning experience
  • Can be from an NGO background and looking to learn more about reporting and communication
  • A history of writing and working around communications
  • A clear understanding of quality grassroots initiatives in their country and region, as well as some of the pitfalls of grassroots projects (that we want to avoid)
  • Ability to take good quality photos
  • Working understanding and knowledge of the English language


  1. As a selected Fellow, you’ll be writing and publishing powerful sustainability stories focused on local solutions in your country/region. We will work alongside you, coaching and mentoring you, as you produce stories that will tell the world about untold local successes. 
  2. Not only is this a great opportunity to build your network around the world and engage with other solution reporters beyond your country/region, it is a fantastic chance to gain hands-on experience in reporting on climate change and sustainability issues and publishing on both Climate Tracker and One Earth websites.

If that is not enough to entice you to apply, how about this

  • 1-1 mentorship with experienced environment and solution reporters
  • $165 USD per month stipend during the duration of the fellowship 
  • Expand your publishing profile 
  • Get your story’s projects in front of the potential funders. Selected stories will be added to One Earth’s Project Marketplace platform, where it may receive international funding support


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