2022 BBI Business Consulting Advisory Services Grant Program

Deadline: December 10, 2021.

Are you a small to medium Black-owned business operating in New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island? Are you looking for ways to grow, sustain, scale up or expand to new markets? Would you benefit from engaging a consultant to assist them with various issues, opportunities, and challenges?

This initiative will provide funding to cover the costs of engaging a consultant to support Black-owned businesses in the 4 provinces in dealing with issues, identifying opportunities and challenges. Supported activities include:

  • Development of Sales or Marketing Strategy
  • Business Management Development Practices
  • Technology or Digital Support
  • E-Commerce Integration


1. Business must be at least one-third Black-owned.
2. Business must be registered and operating in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. (Proof of registration from the appropriate jurisdiction is required).
3. Business must be at least 12 months in operation.
4. Business must demonstrate need for consulting service.


This initiative provide grants to cover the costs of engaging a consultant to provide expertise and support to help business achieve stated objectives. Your business may be eligible for BBI’s Business Consulting Services Grant of between $500 and $5,000 (paid towards the cost of engaging a qualified consultant).


Apply here:

English: https://forms.gle/Rmiupsn5aARLsu1EA

French: https://forms.gle/5Jnzogt4cHLhmb8w7


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