2022 Acumen Academy Inclusive Economy Leadership Program for Southeast Asia

Deadline: March 3, 2022.

The Inclusive Economy Leadership Program (Southeast Asia) is a 10-week leadership accelerator designed to equip you with the character and competence to address the complex challenges of poverty and economic inequality. During these 10-weeks, you will take part in weekly virtual learning labs, virtual group discussions and work on individual assignments.

The experience is further enriched through a diverse cohort. Change will require leadership from all areas of our economy. You’ll join leaders from the social enterprise, nonprofit, corporate and public sectors to explore what it takes to build a more inclusive economy for your community and all of Southeast Asia.


  • Runs over 10 weeks, fully virtual
  • Attend weekly virtual Learning Labs
  • Engage in weekly consultations with peers
  • Study curated readings that cultivate a richer understanding of your social change work
  • Learn frameworks for leading social change and for holding values in tension
  • Complete weekly assignments to practice your new learnings


To be eligible for this program, you should:

  • Currently live in one of the following SEA countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Timor-Leste or Brunei
  • Demonstrate a long term commitment to tackling issues related to poverty and economic inequality including more than 4 years of work
    experience in the sector
  • Be in a position of leadership where you work, meaning you have the capacity to influence change
  • Demonstrate self-awareness and the ability to challenge yourself to grow as a leader
  • Live in a place with telephone and internet coverage so that you can actively participate in an online learning environment
  • Have the ability to read and write texts of medium complexity in English and basic handling of social platforms (e.g. Whatsapp)
  • Note: There are no specific academic requirements. Some participants have no formal education, others have degrees from global institutions
  • Note: There is neither a minimum age requirement, nor a maximum age cut off

Participants are typically on one of the following paths:

  • Social Entrepreneur. Scaling innovative business models that use market-based solutions to tackle poverty and inequality
  • Public Sector Leader. Leveraging the government machinery to create a more inclusive economy
  • Nonprofit Leader. Building solutions to ensure those most in need are equitably included in the economy
  • Corporate Intrapreneur. Driving initiatives within large corporations to create inclusive and sustainable corporations


Foundry members have exclusive access to:

  • Events to learn and connect with fellow foundry members
  • Professional development opportunities that may include pro-bono consulting services and professional leadership coaching
  • Experts within the Acumen Ecosystem for mentorship or advisory sessions
  • Referrals to affiliated leadership programs and platforms
  • Access to funding / grants offered ad hoc by other organisations or through referrals within the Acumen network


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