2021 DOW/YALI RLC Accra Design Challenge for Sustainable Waste Management for YALI RLC Accra Alumni

Deadline: January 31, 2021.

The DOW/YALI RLC Accra Design Challenge targets YALI RLC Accra Alumni working in the environmental sustainability space to validate the assumptions and explore the opportunities that motivate the search for solutions for waste management in the region. The challenge adopts techniques which communicate, interact, empathize and stimulate its participants, helping them to obtain an understanding of their needs, desires and experiences. It is a unique approach to problem solving; one that starts with the people you are designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. 


 I. Participants will represent all three YALI tracks but are Circular Economy/Green/Sustainable waste management biased and willing to devote twelve weeks to the process.

II. Alumni will apply individually, but successful applicants will be randomly placed in groups of four to compete for with other challenge teams. 

III. Alumni of the YALI RLC Accra working in the Circular Economy/Green/Sustainable waste management space, irrespective of the track, are encouraged to apply for the Design Challenge. 


I. The structure of the Design Challenge will comprise an initial three-week Sustainability and Circular Economy Training delivered via interactive webinar sessions. The sessions will use polls and discussion groups to query participants’ understanding and application of sustainability and circular economy.

II.  The next step of the Challenge will be the main Design Challenge, which includes interactive online sessions and weekly coaching by experts in the sustainability and circular economy. The Design Challenge stage will be implemented over a nine-week period. 

III. The completion of the Design Challenge will pave way for the YALI Alumni Innovation Award, an online ceremony where participants will present their ideas and receive feedback from a panel of judges. The online session will also host and provide an instructive conversation with an online audience of Alumni of the Center. The highlight of the award ceremony will be the announcement of the winning Challenge group.

IV. The winning group will receive $10,000 to implement their challenge project/ idea.

V. The award ceremony will be followed by a twelve-month mentorship period for finalists of the Challenge. Finalists will be assigned to mentors for this period and submit quarterly progress reports. 

OFFICIAL LINK: https://meetalumni.yaliwestafrica.org/e/applications-open-for-dow-yali-rlc-accra-design-challenge-for-sustainable-waste-management/?fbclid=IwAR1-ISja2CcOmHiKRXzRcYdICKbUOYWbrapaRFayksmehPFMJgfLCCTnSoM

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