2021 Bluvard Leadership Initiative Project Digital Rural: Call for Application

Deadline: September 27, 2021.

Are you a young person living within Ikorodu interested in acquiring digital skills or launching a career in Tech for FREE?

Project Digital Rural is the perfect opportunity for you to kickstart your career. 


Who should apply

1. Young People within Ikorodu interested to launch a career in tech 

2. Post secondary school students awaiting admission to university 

3. Unemployed graduates passionate about starting a career in tech


A. Must be willing to dedicate 3 months for this course.

B. Must be living within Ikorodu , Lagos.


Computers will be provided for participants at the training center.


Venue: ELITE CBT CENTRE , Benson Busstop , Ikorodu,, Lagos.

Programme start date : 27th September, 2021. -December 2021

Time : 9am-12am daily 

Online Application Link: https://bit.ly/2XstYVc


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