2021 2nd ASEF Higher Education Innovation Laboratory (ASEFInnoLab)

Deadline: October 22, 2021.

The ASEF Higher Education Innovation Laboratory (ASEFInnoLab) titled Universities’ Role in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Ecosystems provides opportunity for participants to exchange good practices, co-create new ideas and explore areas for collaboration among their institutions. The second ASEFInnoLab is a 6-week long online project, that brings together university managers, administrators and academics to discuss strategies to enhance their role in the development of artificial intelligence innovation ecosystems. In particular, it will tackle the following two topics:

1 | Teaching and Entrepreneurship for AI Innovation Ecosystems
2 | Research and Technology Transfer in AI Innovation Ecosystems


They envision about 25 participants from among the 51 ASEM countries to join the ASEF Higher Education Innovation Laboratory, who meet the following criteria:

  • Managers, administrators or academics in tertiary higher education institutions in charge of initiatives related to the ASEFInnoLab1 topics
  • Citizens of any of the 51 ASEM partner countries
  • Excellent command of English (written and verbal)


Participants will complete the training with a key combination of knowledge, practical solutions and new networks which can advance their work in driving innovation. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will have:

Enhanced understanding of AI innovation ecosystems
The lab will help participants to understand the role of higher education institutions in AI innovation ecosystems and expand their knowledge on different strategies to boost their universities’ contribution to ecosystems.

Action plans to get ahead of change
Participants will develop their own action plans to enhance existing strategies and practices at their home institutions to unlock the full potential of their own university.

Peer support network
We fully expect new bi-lateral and multi-lateral partnerships emerging among the 25 participants from different countries across Asia and Europe.

Opportunity to co-design projects with Fudan University
Two participants of ASEFInnoLab will have the opportunity to co-design and launch a joint project with Fudan University. Selected participants will get the chance to work with Fudan University to set their action plan proposal forth or co-design new collaborations with the Chinese partner.


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