2020 Youth Sustainable Impact (YSI) SouthEast Asia Innovation Programme

Deadline: January 18, 2020

Apply for Innovation Programme and they will provide you with the frameworks, mentorship and resources to start a company which enables you to bring your ideas in any of the above 3 focus areas into reality.

The fully funded Innovation Programme focuses on shaping you into an innovator, and enables you to work in strong teams or individually to create lasting solutions to Southeast Asia’s pressing Energy, Food & Circular Economy problems. They support people who have the potential and the willingness to create tangible social impact. So if you’re applying in search of a founding team, fantastic! They specialize in forging strong regional teams and supporting them during their initial phases of running an impact company.

If you prefer to work on your idea alone, not to worry! their own curriculum and knowledge bank is designed to help you create a startup from scratch with or without a team.


  • 18 – 35 years old Southeast Asian residents
  • Current or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to create an impact start-up who are looking for a founding team, or are confident in being a solo founder
  • Committed individuals with a passion for one of the 3 focus areas and a drive to see through the implementation of a solution and execution of their business plan
  • People who have one (or more) of the following:
    • Demonstrated a track record of action to address issues related to a focus area
    • Has technical expertise to create software or hardware solutions
    • Has started or played a key role in a start-up in an area unrelated to sustainability


1. You do not need to worry about finding people who are as passionate as you to tackle an issue – leave it to us. They will provide you with a batch of the most driven youth across Southeast Asia, take some time to get to know them, and then choose to form a team or work solo.

2. They have developed their own sustainability curriculum in the 3 verticals and knowledge bank to help you create a startup from scratch. They keep a look out for the latest development in the space so that you get access to the best that we have to offer.

3. They will fly you to Singapore at the end of the online programme where you will meet your teammates and/or work on your ideas. These 9 days will be optimised to communicate and launch your startup, and provide you with practical learning opportunities related to legal, marketing and sales learning opportunities to start on your best foot.

4. Up to $5000 funding is available to promising startups to ensure continuity and success after the programme. They will also continue to support you after the 5 months programme given that you are serious about pursuing your startup.

5. They have established a wide network of businesses and social enterprises you can learn from. Together with their Earthpreneurs community, they ensure that you are able to get all the help that you need to create a successful start-up.



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