2020 Meryl Williams Fellowship for Women in Agriculture Research and Development

Deadline: September 15, 2019.

The prestigious Meryl Williams Fellowship is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) to support women in agriculture research and development to enhance their leadership skills and increase their impact through a combination of immersive learning, mentoring, networking and professional development. The program will involve a variety of activities that take place across a 15-month period from January 2020 to April 2021.



1. Be a woman who is a citizen or permanent resident of Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos,Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

2. Be employed in the agriculture research for development sector. This might be as a
scientist in an agriculture research and development institute or university. Or it might
be as a position that has responsibility for research administration or policy and strategy development, within a research institution or a government department other agency that has responsibility for managing or overseeing agriculture research and

3. Have at least a Bachelor degree in a subject relevant to agriculture research and
development plus at least 2 years professional experience after your most recent
qualification. Applicants with Masters or PhD are particularly encouraged to apply.

4. Be able to demonstrate that you have management and leadership potential and that you will be able to apply the skills you develop to have impact in the agriculture
research and development sector.

5. Be committed to and available to participate in all activities in the Fellowship program.

6. Provide proof that your employer supports your participation in the Fellowship program and that they will release you from employment duties to participate in all the program activities.



The Meryl Williams Fellowship supports a 15-month program that includes the following activities:

1. The program commences with a two-week immersive workshop in Australia to develop Fellows’ management and leadership skills to assist them to be more effective and have more impact in the agriculture research for development sector. To be held 20th January to 1st February 2020.

2. Immediately following the immersive workshop, a six-day Mentoring Orientation
Workshop will be held (3rd to 8th February 2020). This workshop brings Fellows and
mentors together to explore the mentoring process and agree mentoring plans.

3. 15-months of mentoring support from a mentor in your home country plus a mentor in Australia.

4. Opportunity to participate in a professional development activity that may be an
internship of 1 to 3 months in a relevant institution in Australia (or other country) or
other professional development activities such as attendance at a relevant international conference or specific skills training workshops.

5. A final five-day workshop to be held in April or May 2021 in Australia. This final
workshop will include a scientific writing workshop plus a synthesis of what has been
learned through the program.



Before completing the on-line application, make sure that you have carefully read this
description of the Fellowship program and that you understand the program, that you are eligible to apply, and that you are able to participate in all of the Fellowship program activities.

Before completing the on-line application form you should also download the following forms:
1. Employer approval form. This form certifies that your institution is aware that you are applying for the Fellowship and that they will support you to participate in all the
activities of the program. It is to be signed by a person of authority in your institution.
You should email a scanned copy of the signed form (a good quality photograph of the
signed form is also acceptable) to the GEAReD applications email address
geared@coffey.com .

2. Referee template. This form you provide to the two referees that you nominate in your application. Your referees complete this template and then email it to the GEAReD applications email address geared@coffey.com .

The forms above must be received by GEAReD before the application closing date. You are encouraged to make sure that the forms are submitted as a soon as possible after you complete your on-line application. Applications that do not have the institute approval plus the two referee reports by the application closing date will not be considered.




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