2020 Erasmus Mundus Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education Scholarship

Deadline: December 3, 2019.

Institutions in higher education, research and innovation play a central role for the advancement of societies and economies. They foster economic growth, strengthen technological progress and enhance job creation. In addition, higher education institutions contribute to personal development of individuals and help to educate proactive citizens in societies. In order to achieve the best possible results these institutions require modern and effective management.Therefore, the Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE) focuses on the management of higher education, research and innovation institutions. MARIHE trains students to be change agents that can take the lead in developing these institutions, can critically assess and employ managerial instruments and can turn policy advice into strategic management practice. At the same time they are ready to formulate agendas and policies for the advancement of research, innovation and entrepreneurship.



1. Applicant must hold a first university degree which should be at least a Bachelor degree issued by a university, quantified as three years of studies corresponding to 180 ECTS.

2. Show a strong motivation and interest to learn and work in the field of development and management of research and innovation in higher education.

3. Have sufficient knowledge of English for academic purposes. MARIHE programme accepts the following five English language test certificates as proof of proficiency in English.

4. Work experience is not an admission requirement. However, work experience can be a strong advantage for an application, especially if it has been acquired working for (higher) education institutions.



1. The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers all participation costs in MARIHE (12 000 € for the whole programme/two years).

2. The contribution to travel and installation costs takes into account the country of residence of the scholarship holder at the time of application to the EMJMD.

3. The Erasmus Mundus provides contribution to subsistence costs (“monthly allowance”)

4. All scholarship holders will receive an insurance meeting the minimum insurance requirements of the Erasmus+ programme for EMJMD.




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