2020 CIVICUS Solidarity Fund (CSF) for CIVICUS Members

Deadline: April 8, 2020.

CIVICUS are very excited to announce that the third call for proposals for the CIVICUS Solidarity Fund (CSF) is open now! 

The CSF provides flexible funding grants for CIVICUS voting and associate members. Best of all, the fund is resourced entirely by our members, making it a true demonstration of grassroots solidarity!

The fund supports CIVICUS members that normally struggle to access resources and support due to restrictions in the space where they operate, their organising characteristics or simply who they are and what they challenge. 


Applications are open to all types of organizations and individuals across CIVICUS’ membership – youth and women organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), grassroots movements, community or people’s organizations, and social enterprises.

  • You must be a CIVICUS voting member or associate member.
  • You are trying to address a specific problem or need for a particular community. You may also be aiming to support cutting edge work and innovative ideas also geared at assisting or enhancing the needs of a targeted community. Costs of legal action, media coverage, travel/participation support to mission-aligned events and enhancing safety/wellness of activists and their communities are also admissible.
  • The CSF will also accept proposals for core or unrestricted funding. This includes funding to sustain the daily activities of your individual advocacy work or your organisation’s work. This can include salary for personnel, office rent, etc.
  • Your application and/or proposed initiative clearly strengthens civil society and citizen action, contributing to a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.
  • Your proposed project unfolds over a maximum of 12 months.


Criteria 1: Cleary strengthens civil society and civic space by promoting sustainable change.
Criteria 2: Demonstrates clear challenges and an actionable response to those challenges.
Criteria 3: Benefits the broader community in an impactful or scalable way.
Criteria 4: Proposal design considers the needs of the “end user” or impacted community.
Criteria 5: Faces difficulty being funded from other sources.
Criteria 6: Takes an innovative approach or is a bold action.
Criteria 7: Includes specific and clear activities on a reasonable timeline.
Criteria 8: Demonstrates that the organisation or individual has the capacity and commitment to carry out the proposal.



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