2020 African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative Fellowship for Namibians

Deadline: September 30, 2019.

The African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative (APLI Namibia) is an earnest vision born out of the aspiration to develop and mobilize change-makers, innovators and young leaders in diverse fields across Namibia.  The ethos of APLI stems from need to address the shortage of skills, resources and networks that young people need to fully realize their goals and create sustainable change in their communities.  A priority area for APLI is leadership development.  In addition to assisting young people acquire soft and hard skills, there are focused efforts in ensuring that these newly-acquired skills translate into successful ventures in their communities.



1. The APLI Fellowship is open to young Namibians who have the desire and potential to bring about significant change in their communities.

2. The Fellowship targets young people who are running initiatives that positively advance the wellbeing of their communities.

3. In addition to that, the program also focuses on youngsters who manage business ventures which substantially contribute to the wellbeing of their communities and young people that demonstrate the potential and passion to become leaders in their respective sectors.



1.  The program  will have three day residential programs, three times a year.  The residential programs will be in 3 different locations around Namibia.

2. As part of the residential program, the Fellows will receive comprehensive and interdisciplinary training which is delivered in an intensive and participatory manner.

3. The fellows will also get the opportunity to break into smaller groups with their mentors who will assist them with specific challenges that they face.

4. As the year progresses, the Fellows are required to start their initiatives or scale existing ones and provide progress reports during the following residential programs.  In this way, the Fellowship will assist them address specific challenges as the year progresses.




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