2019 Youth Climate Leaders Immersion Program

Deadline: April 14, 2019.

YCL believes that the best way to understand a complex problem like climate change is to experience its real implications in different contexts. You need to leave your comfort zone to be able to see things through a different perspective. Therefore, we organize a series of international immersions to promote cultural exchange and hands-on learning. Our unique journey takes participants to two countries, developed and developing, where they can explore different challenges, opportunities and cultural experiences.




As it is known, climate change poses serious implications for cities across the globe. With an increasing population transitioning into urban areas, and the growing demand for resources and infrastructure, cities everywhere are being challenged to present new strategies for sustainable development and resilience to safeguard their future. Yet, these challenges also create an opportunity to imagine and implement innovative solutions for urban needs. Transportation, food habits, waste management, water security, energy use, mobility, environmental rehabilitation, housing and industry, amongst other topics, will all be affected by climate change. The way we reshape those activities, as well, may become important tools for climate mitigation worldwide.


YCL Immersions have 5 components:

1. Multicultural Experience: One of the most important skills for those wanting to start their careers in the field of climate change is being able to work in multicultural environments. While every country will be somehow affected by climate change, it will happen in different ways, and countries’ challenges and opportunities are also diverse. Therefore, YCL Immersions bring together people from all over the world and take them to a unique journey across two countries, where they will have the chance of exploring a given issue through different and complementary lenses. The diversity of the group is an additional incentive for participants to get out of their comfort zones.

2. Professional Development: Participants will join the program to learn more about climate change and experience it in different countries, but also to get professional experience in the field. Therefore, they will work with local organizations on concrete challenges, taking advantage of the diverse background of YCLs. They can also choose to work on their own project or research, tailoring the experience to their needs.

3. Academic Curriculum: Participants will attend lectures about climate science, international cooperation, climate finance and other topics. Other skill-based courses, such as Theory U, positive psychology and creative writing, will be available as well. Before departure, we will recommend free online courses (e.g. Professor Jeffrey Sachs’ Age of Sustainable Development), which will be taken with additional support from the YCL Team. Upon their arrival in Berlin, YCLs will receive the syllabus of the program, including a list of multidisciplinary articles that will be assigned to them throughout the expedition. We will also leverage our partnership with leading academic institutions, such as Columbia University, as well as with local universities and research organizations to provide additional resource.

4. Life and Career Mentorship: The program includes individual and collective coaching to help YCLs to discover more about themselves and how to put their knowledge in service of others. This will be an ongoing process, which will culminate in a focused agenda during the last days of the expedition. Participants will attend intensive sessions on psychology, leadership, and other career-related issues. At the same time, they will work with facilitators to set up their life and career goals, leaving the immersion with a clear action plan. The YCL team will also connect them with key organizations and contacts, following up their professional development over time.

5. Visits and Cultural Activities: They will organize learning expeditions to universities, companies, UN agencies, local organizations, NGOs, among others. The program will offer a series of touristic trips and cultural experiences (some of which will be already included in the fee) too. We will also ensure that participants meet locals and promote cultural exchanges among themselves to generate empathy and raise their awareness about different lifestyles, thereby creating a cultural exchange which promotes active learning throughout the whole expedition.



The program goes from August 02-27.
We will meet in Berlin, go to Bonn and finish our journey in New Delhi.

Program’s fee: USD 4,990

The program’s fee includes:

  • Activities described in the program: mentorship, lectures, field visits etc.

  • Shared accommodation in 2 or 3 star hotels.

  • Cultural activities according to the program.

  • Local Transportation and logistical costs.

  • Wage of guest speakers and YCL team.

  • Round trip Frankfurt – New Delhi.

The program’s fee DOES NOT include: 

  • ​Meals, cultural activities that is not mentioned on the program.

  • Transportation outside program’s activities.

  • Roundtrip from your country to Germany.

  • Documentation or Visa to Germany and India (Check if you need visa prior to the application).

  • Travel Insurance and incidentals.





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