2019 Young Sustainable Impact Innovation Global Program

Deadline: February 11, 2019.

In today’s world, we find many initiatives that do incredible work, with everything from teaching youth, to initiate social movements, press politicians, or create a new breed of social entrepreneurs. Our approach differs from a lot you see, and our only goal is to create a measurable impact through breakthrough solutions, for sustainability.

The global program of YSI gets around 10.000 applicants per year, and we only accept 24 people. The reason for this is that we believe in focusing on a few startups, as it would drain our resources to take in many more. This is why we intend to expand our program to other regions, led by people from those regions, but more on this another time.

The applicants have to go through 4 rounds to get into the program, and we do a lot of work to ensure that we pick the right people. It’s not about picking the best people, but rather set teams that we believe is best together. We will not go deep into the application process and criteria as this defeat the purpose of having it in the first place.



  • 16-28-year-old people
  • All countries are welcome to apply
  • People with 15-35 hours to use every week from April-August
  • Dedicated people with a real drive for solving complex problems
  • People who are willing to make time and wants to create a real startup
  • People with a proven track record of excellence in resilience, drive, and who are passionately able to use their skills and knowledge towards a project of any kind
  • Open minded people who are willing to understand different walks of life, see things in a new perspective, and with an intention of creating a positive impact
  • People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, and bold enough to actually do it
  • People who don’t get discouraged by creating a startup remotely with new people from different continents
  • People who can make decisions and keep their cool under extreme uncertainty



1. Education: By using www.novoed.com we have our own curriculum to assist people in almost every aspect of creating a startup from scratch. You will also get webinars by professionals, discussion groups, and a library full of knowledge, tools, and methods.
2. Fully funded trip to Norway: After working online for 4,5 months, you will be flown into Oslo, Norway. We will house you for two weeks, where we will have an accelerator to boost your startup. There will be cool events, parties, hangouts, sightseeing, and time to stroll around the city.
3. Network & Mentors: Through our Partners and professional network, we have a vast amount of experts to help out throughout the program.
4. Money and access: To ensure that you get to create your product, or at least something tangible to test with, you can apply for grants to your startup with a record speed of 24 hours answer. This is only for YSI Global innovation teams.
5. Community: Our community, Earthpreneurs, is a group of people that aim to make sustainability business as usual. This is a group of people that are willing to help each other out, and when you are in YSI, you have an even better access to this community.
6. World class team: There are around 10.000 applicants every year to our program. Only 21 people get in, which means that you will get one of the best teams in the world.
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